Curiosity Bomb: Naked Hermits & Sky Microbes

This is it: The first installation of Curiosity Bomb, my new weekly newsletter bringing you a hand-picked selection of stories from across the web. You should know that Curiosity Bomb is very much in beta at the moment. Upcoming issues will feature original content, along with other features. I hope you’ll stick around!

With all of that out of the way, here’s the latest.

This Week’s Coolest Stories:

Man Quits His Job at Popeyes by Singing a Song

This device will literally tell you how much you stink

Humans Can Size Each Other Up With A Roar

Meet the 'Kickboxing Grannies' of Kenya's Most Dangerous Slum

Crows Can Build Tools From Memory

Video shows a guy paddle-boarding across the Hudson river in a suit so he didn't miss a meeting in NYC

Colombia's 'lord of the books' saves tomes from the trash

We might have started kissing to share chewed up food (and other delicious facts about smooching)

Japanese Dragon Drone Can Autonomously Slither Through a Small Opening Like a Flying Snake 

'Naked Hermit' Removed From Island After 30 Years Alone

Did You Know…

actor Michael Keaton started his career as a stage hand on “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood”?

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